We have a wide range of floor maps available in both physical and political formats.

The standard sizes are 5Mt x 4Mt (MaxiMap GIANT), 4Mt x 3Mt (MaxiMap), 2.5Mt x 2Mt (MidiMaps).

MaxiMap GIANT needs to be used in a hall type environment. MaxiMaps can fit into a large classroom, MidiMaps are most suitable for use within a smaller space in a classroom.

We can produce custom sizes to suit your specific requirements, and also produce floor maps for you own art work (subject to it being available in a suitable digital format)

pupils in Ysgol Brynsierfel on giant floor map learning about the UK

pupils in Ysgol Brynsierfel on giant floor map learning about the UK

  • WORLD physical Winkel Tripel projection
  • WORLD political Winkel Tripel projection
  • WORLD political Peters projection
  • EUROPE physical
  • EUROPE political
  • AFRICA physical
  • AFRICA political
  • BRITISH ISLES physical
  • BRITISH ISLES political
  • WALES physical


Are the maps heavy to carry? Not at all. 2 or 3 children can easily transport a rolled up MaxiMap

Are the maps durable? Yes, they will withstand many years of footfall.

Do we need to take off our shoes? Not unless you are wearing stiletto heels! The maps must be a Manolo-free zone. But of course, the maps will be subject to less wear and tear if pupils remove their shoes.

How do we store the maps? They should always be rolled up and stored into tube used to despatch them to you.

setup strip with flash