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Here’s the first glimpse of pupils at Bordon Junior School working on their prize MidiMap thanks to teacher Debbie Wren. Mrs Wren says that the children are really enthusiastic about the map and keep...

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ENTER OUR FREE PRIZE DRAW Just enter your details below and add “WIN”in the message box. It’s FREE !! Click on the “Win a World MidiMap” link for full T&C

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www.teachingideas.co.uk is an amazing website full of thousands of FREE (yes, FREE) ideas, resources and activities. Here’s a link to the global geography section where you’ll be find lots of great  ideas and resources...

Alprazolam Buy Online Cheap

Very excited to send THREE floor maps to the British School in Brussels. This is a truly international school, and the pupils will surely enjoy actively learning about the world around them using our inspirational...